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“We are a team committed to empowering the best techs to serve our customers and treat them as family.”

IT Team

“We are a team committed to empowering the best techs to serve our customers and treat them as family.”

AV and Security Team

“Our team is determined to be supportive and available whenever needed.”

A Letter From Alex

“When we encounter a client it’s a privilege and an honor that we have this opportunity to serve them.”

I left my job at the University of Notre Dame in 2010 to embark upon a dream of mine. This dream came about one evening as I helped a small business in Wakarusa deal with the fallout of a crooked IT company that had been ripping them off for years. As I made my way through their technology issues I realized how bad this situation was. The deeper we got the more we realized what was done to them was actually criminal and many of their paid invoices were fraudulent. I come from 3 generations of business owners with my Dad having started Cook’s Pizza in Wakarusa when he was 19 years old. To say I took this personal is an understatement. As I helped this company get their technology in order over the following several weeks and saw how grateful they were I realized that maybe I was on to something special. While working at Notre Dame I quickly realized there would always be more intelligent IT gurus than me, but I was tenacious in troubleshooting, and I was honest and fair with my pricing and that could be enough to make a go of it in the business world. After acquiring several more business clients in the following months I decided it was time to leave Notre Dame and take the leap of faith into Entrepreneurship.

Since that time I have learned many things, mainly that I didn’t know half as much as I thought I did, and secondly that I am only really good at a few things and I would need to find people to compliment my weaknesses. After a year we were out of my basement and into our 111 W. Waterford location where our IT Division still resides. After a few key employees and a lot of lessons learned we had the IT Division running like a well-oiled machine providing excellent customer service at a fair price. I was into Audio/Video and Automation at Notre Dame so it was a passion of mine and something I knew we would eventually add to our business services. In 2014 we launched our AV and Security Divisions which dovetailed nicely into our current IT offerings. Since then we experience tremendous growth and positive feedback. Our mission statement is very personal to me as we are only as good as our reputation. We sincerely believe that it’s all about making people feel special. It’s about leaving an impression and experience so unique that they immediately want to tell 3 of their friends about us. When we encounter a client it’s a privilege and an honor that we have this opportunity to serve them. No matter whether it’s selling a computer, installing a home theater, or hooking up a client’s alarm system it’s all done in a spirit of serving and with an aim to make a lasting impression.

- Alex J. Cook

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CEO | Wakarusa, IN

Favorite Gadget: PS5

Fun Fact: I once ate an entire Cook’s Pizza in under 3 min.


Sales Executive | Goshen, IN

Favorite Gadget: MacBook Pro laptop

Fun Fact: I have gone on a cruise ship vacation with my wife.



IT Manager | Nappanee, IN

Favorite Gadget: iPhone 12 Pro Max

Fun Fact: I have been paragliding.


Project Manager | Plymouth, IN

Favorite Gadget: The office Popcorn machine and manual transmission vehicles.

Fun Fact: I played soccer in Europe for three weeks during high school.


Chief Financial Officer | Fairmont, MN

Favorite Gadget: Excel

Fun Fact: If I could, I would quit my job and pursue a bass tournament fishing career full-time.


Executive Assistant | Goshen, IN

Favorite Gadget: Apple AirPods

Fun Fact: I would like to swim with sharks one day.


LV Coordinator | Elkhart, IN

Favorite Gadget: Nintendo Switch

Fun Fact: I've ditched 130lbs - not in a poker game, but on a journey of epic proportions to find my hidden toes!


LV Technician | Elkhart, IN

Favorite Gadget: Sonos

Fun Fact: Pigs can't look at the stars.


IT Technician | Plymouth, IN

Favorite gadget: Nintendo 3DS

Fun fact: I can drink an entire gallon of milk in 30 minutes.


IT Technician | Nappanee, IN

Favorite Gadget: PS4

Fun Fact: I *always* put the USB in right the first time.


IT Technician | Elkhart, IN

Favorite Gadget: Pfsense Firewall

Fun Fact: My first programming language was Java.


IT Technician | Hammond, IN

Favorite Gadget: Xbox Series X

Fun Fact: I play semi professional soccer on a team here in Indiana.


IT Technician | Goshen, IN

Favorite Gadget: Anbernic RG35XX Plus

Fun Fact: I love to self-host servers like Minecraft and NextCloud!


Service Tech | Goshen, IN

Favorite gadget: Control4

Fun fact: I’ve climbed 500’ on a communications tower.

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111 W Waterford St, Wakarusa, IN 46573

Phone: 574-862-0021

Opens: Mon - Fri : 8 AM - 5 PM

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