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Whether you need solutions for your small business with 5 users or your large corporation with 50+ we are ready to work alongside you. When working with Pro IT Solutions you not only get expert service, you also get a team of IT professionals personalized to your unique needs and ready to offer support whenever you may need it.

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Tech Talk Fridays Ep. 4


Welcome back guys, to another edition of Tech Talk Fridays with Alex and KJ. KJ?


We're gonna be talking a little bit about IT stuff today.

It's where I came from. It's where we came from.

That's right. It's where we started.

This is where we started.

Talk a little bit about that.

So we do IT services. So computer sales, virus removals, PC tune up, what we kinda call bench work, when you bring your computer in here, and then, we have full managed services. So we love to come into your business and just take care of you completely, from your network, to your computers, software on it. We just get to know everything about you and just manage it nicely. So you don't have to think about a thing.

Nice. Awesome and explain a little bit about the PCs aspect.

PC, so we do computer sales. We kind of cater to your every need, when it comes to that. So whether it's you're looking kind of at price point, we have great refurbished models, things that we trust, because we don't just want anything going out the door, new computer sales, so desktops and laptops. If you're in need of some kind of graphic design or CAD or just something simple for school, we'll make sure that we get you the right computer so that you can use it now and down the road, so you're not stuck with lack of performance and different things.

And you mentioned about businesses, you wanna talk about the BBP program a little bit?

Yeah, so businesses, that is a very special program to us, getting to know how they function, almost kinda bringing them on as family. We get to know what pieces of software they use, what issues they have, just continually refining their process on our side of things, when it comes to the computers and the network and the software. So people really seem to enjoy us being there, because at the end of the day, they don't have to worry about anything. They can just get on their computer and everything works.

Awesome, and you wanna talk a little bit about kinda what they do with the data recovery, if need be?

Yes. So protecting your data is huge. That's probably the biggest thing that we preach is, "Do you know where your data is stored and do you know if you can get it back, if something were to crash?" So we have multiple programs for that, where we'll actually back up everything to Cloud storage on the east and west coast and data encryption, military grade stuff, and we do that for residential and for business. So we make sure that you're protected that way, but we really try to get out there and say, "Look, if your computer would have something happen to it, it would crash, you would drop it, what would happen to all your family pictures and your documents?" And all things that you've taken time to store up. You can't get some of that stuff back. So it's very important.

Yeah, and do you wanna explain a little bit about the bench work and the hardware that we use as well?

Yeah, so we build custom computers here and we love to help with that. Obviously, our guys here love computers and they love how cool it can look, with all the LED lights and the performance that it has. We have guys, here, that are experts at that. So if that's something you're looking into, we can definitely help with that.

Thanks for tuning in to Tech Talk Fridays, again, with Alex and KJ. Have a great week guys.