Home Automation Made Easy!

Control music, lights, entertainment, and comfort – all from a single touch panel or a digital device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Total smart home control systems offer the ultimate in convenience, safety, and remote access.When designing and installing smart home control systems, we take the extra effort to give you an intelligent system that is reliable and keeps wires and cords out of sight. Other features include sleek, singular wall control panels and universal remote controls.


What is automation used for?
Home automation or demotics is building automation for a home, called a smart home or smart house. A home automation system will monitor and/or control home attributes such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems.
What are examples of automation?
Automatic lights, Automatic door locks, Smart security cameras, Automatic blinds, and Automatic heating and cooling.
How does automation work?
Home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices in your home. These devices are connected to the Internet, which allows them to be controlled remotely. With home automation, devices can trigger one another so you don't have to control them manually via an app, remote, or voice assistant.
What is automation in industry?
Technology at the speed of YOUR life!
Will automation kill jobs?
In my opinion I believe it will create more jobs. I say that because things need installed, they need serviced, and nothing last forever. There for automation will continue to grow and evolve as jobs will as well.

Automation; A Smart Home

Tech Talk Fridays Ep. 6


Welcome back to another edition of Tech Talk with Alex and KJ. Today we are on site on one of our own smart homes that one of our great clients has allowed us to walk through. Let's take a look. KJ.


First and foremost, this is a control for a doorbell.

It is.

This is probably one of the coolest doorbells that we offer.

We do. So this unit right here, you can actually get it in a little bit of a bigger size. Actually, we have a keypad that we put by a lot of gates. This unit is just a little bit smaller, so you can do exactly this kind of install right outside your door. When you click the button inside, it rings your phone along with rings the speakers inside and you can have whatever kind of tone or song even you want, but also intercoms the keypads inside. So you can actually talk to the person even from there without getting your phone out. So it's a very nice all-in-one solution and you can program it to do about what anything you want.

Alright guys, now we're in the master bedroom where we're gonna talk about and show off some automated shades. KJ.


Why should someone put automated shades in their house?

Think of being able to hit one button and the blackout shades come down, and you're able to have this dark-out experience with a click of a button. Rather than getting out of bed, going over to the light switch or whatever the case, you might have a lamp and that's an easy little click, but then you have to get over and close your shades manually, and then you might have even multiple windows where your closing these shades manually. It's a very fantastic experience.

Awesome. And this can be controlled by an app, correct?

Yeah, it can be controlled by an app, we can also put a switch on the wall so that you can have up, down, or different saved settings of where you might like to have it for a certain sunrise or sunset experience. And then you can also customize your app as well so that you can have multiple different buttons for easy access of different scenes that you like.

Or you can even use a remote.

Yeah, you can grab your TV control when you're watching TV and you have it in your hand already you'd switch over to the shade button and hit that.

Oop, there it goes. Shades awesome. And this control helps control with the environment as far as heating and cooling, right?

Yes. So, what people sometimes don't realize is literally do lower those shades, especially when that sun is beating at a certain time of day, it feels instantly cooler. They talk about 30% change in temperature sometimes instantly when it goes down. So it's a great help.

And with that, we usually drop somebody that is our provider and they even offer customizable material.

Oh yeah, they have more fabric selections that I think you can bet. It's almost like overwhelming at first, so you have to take that time to go through and match the colors with the room and the textures and all kinds of different things. And they're constantly updating to the latest and greatest, and then they have different fabrics where they let a little bit more sunlight in or obviously then we have the blackout as well. So again, customizable to your experience and even just if you wanna hide them in a window, or if you wanna get all the light gaps gone by having trims on each side, that they have almost every solution out there for you.


KJ, what is automation?

Automation, first off, it's awesome, like most of the things we do, but it is the ability to program, which is what we do, nobody else in Dallas tends to do this. We program different things in your home so that they can be single button clicks. So automation, sometimes for people sounds kind of, "Ooh, is that a little complicated? Is that too much? Should I do all that? I just wanna live a simple life." That's exactly what it's for. Us programming something that you would do on a daily basis multiple times. So whether that be shades going up and down, you getting your lights just to the right dimness, or multiple lights on the way you like it for when a partner comes over, we'll do all that for you. We'll program it to the point where you go walk up to a touch screen like this, one button click and it gets it exactly the way you want it. Your favorite playlists can turn on, your kitchen lights can go to the right dimness, the shades can go down a certain extent, a certain time a day, because the sun always shines in your face. Those are little things that you might not realize how much time that takes you during the day, especially kind of in a widespread house to go move the shades and to turn on the lights and to get your playlist out, and all kind of different things where we can just automate all that for you. So it's a way of trying to simplify things, so you don't have to think about it. We think about that for you.

KJ, we are currently in the basement theater.


And it's dedicated.

It is dedicated.

To the theater experience.

Well family, both things.

Awesome. And this is my personal favorite guys. This is so cool, just the fact that we can do these for clients is amazing. So KJ.


Talk about the experience. What is the experience we create for the clients?

So this is... You're pretty much going out to the theater, but you're really just going to your basement, which is pretty cool. It is very much a customized thing, as we talk about a lot, everything's custom, but we wanna bring the best experience to you. So we'll look through the size, the viewing angle, the viewing screen, how big should it be. Maybe don't go too big because you're gonna be looking around or you're sitting too close to it. There's multiple things that we take into account even as far as lighting, and the projector style, and the audio. So in this space, we have an awesome Sony laser projector, we have full Atmos surround sound, so you are fully engulfed in audio here, along with a lot of sound protection as well.

And this is a three TV wall.

This is an awesome three TV wall. The center one is an 8k Sony. This is kind of the grand main display when you're watching, so if you want some kind of auxiliary stuff and you wanna keep track of some scores or your favorite TV show or something off to the side that's going on, you have the capabilities and then you can switch between where or what TV you want the audio coming through the surround sound in this room. So it really makes for an awesome experience where you're able to control a lot. Again, very simple, a few button clicks and change all the stuff like that.

Alright guys, this has been an amazing experience walking through this automated home with you guys. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly via email or call in, to answer those questions. Take care.