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Tech Talk Fridays Ep. 2


Good morning, everybody. Welcome back to another edition of Tech Talk Fridays with Alex and KJ. KJ.


Today we're gonna be talking a little bit about speakers.


Alrighty. So we use a lot of Sonos here. Can you explain what this device is?

Okay. So this here is a Sonos Arc. So it is considered a sound bar. We mount this under an extreme amount of TVs. Gives you just insane quality of sound for just normal TV viewing. Even gives you a surround sound experience with Atmos. There's actually speaking in here that face up, so it actually hits the ceiling, then bounces back towards you so that you get that front back motion sound we were talking about before. And then along with it's also app-controlled, so that you can just listen to music when you want to. You don't have to have TV on. I can just fill your living room, so it's kind of a nice all-in-one device.

And you could actually control it aside from the TV.


So if you wanna listen to music and not watch TV...

Exactly. Yeah.

You can do that as well.

Don't have to do that, and then you can also add other speakers in the house to pair with this as well, just to give you that whole full house experience.

Perfect. Yeah. And in-ceiling speakers.


'Cause that's a good way for surround, correct?

Good way for surround. Yeah. So with the Sono system, you can actually add either in-ceiling speakers or external speakers to become your surround. So you can do the 5.1 setup. So in some living rooms, especially where they don't mind having the sound bar below the TV for the look, but they would like some kind of recessed in-ceiling option, we can put those speakers in, hook it in with a Sonos amp and that all ties into the Sonos system to be surround sound. So when you're watching TV, you'll have surround sound. When you turn your TV off and just wanna listen to app-controlled, then now you have full stereo in your living room.

We also do landscape speakers, as well.

Yes. Yeah, landscape speaker. So if you wanna carry the audio all the way to the outdoor, we do some external mount from a deck soffit area. But then when you're looking into the garden areas or around the pool where there's landscape, you need to get audio a little bit closer, let's say to the pool. Then it being being so far away from the deck, we'll kind of hide it in the plants and the landscape and all that stuff and it'll look really cool. Then they have these massive subs that you can dig into the ground, so it just looks like a little brown mushroom.

And with that you would want amps to control your zones, correct?

Absolutely. So what we preach most in any kind of audio setup is, you don't just wanna have one volume control for the whole house or for separate areas. What might be considered a good volume in one space, might not be a good volume in another space. And that's especially even outdoors and stuff, too. Let's say by the pool you have kids splashing around and it creates a lot more noise just from that. So you wanna be able to turn the volume up on your landscape speakers that are surrounding the pool. But then when you're back in your deck and there's people sitting down, they're a little bit further away from the pool, those speakers that are in that area, you can turn down a little bit, so it's not like it's blasting that area. So if you add more amps, that means that you can have more of that control.


Alright guys. I'm gonna go and do a little bit of a demo. KG talked about the app. We have some footage of the app from earlier. So right now, I'm in my office and we're in the conference office with the Arc. So just hittin' play quick. This is all from an app. I can do this by a touch of a button. I can turn this up a little bit. Turn it down. And again, that's all direct from the app. This has been Tech Talk Fridays with Alex and KJ. Thanks guys.


How do you build an outdoor sound system?
Here are 5 tips when it comes to building an outdoor sound system.
1. Decide How You Want to Use Your System. Having efficient outdoor audio takes a lot of planning.
2. Prepare the Proper Speaker Design.
3. Invest in the Right Outdoor Speakers.
4. Link Your Sound System to Your Sources.
5. Create an Intuitive Control Solution.
How much is an outdoor sound system?
It depends on What the customer prefers or wants but it can range around from a few thousand dollars to several thousand.
Are there any wireless outdoor speakers?
For actual landscape speakers they must be wired. Unless you want to use the new wireless Sonos Move speaker and you can take it anywhere.
How do you protect outdoor speakers from rain?
They are weatherproof speakers.
How many watts do I need for outdoor speakers?
A pair of 60-watt patio speakers will give you great coverage in areas less than 300 square feet. For 300 to 500 square feet, look for 80 to 100-watt speakers; 150 watts to 175-watt speakers will cover 600 to 800 square feet with clear, sharp music sound at soft volumes.

Outdoor Speakers

Tech Talk Fridays Ep. 7


Welcome back to another edition of Tech Talk with Alex and KJ, and today we're gonna be talking about outside spaces and what we do to fill those spaces with landscape speakers, different style televisions and things of that nature. So KJ...


What do we have here?

We have a beautiful SunBrite outdoor TV. One of the biggest things we look at when choosing outdoor TVs is where is the sun gonna be at, how bright is this space going to be? You can, you know, get TVs, and put them in enclosures, like just normal consumer like TVs and put them in enclosures, but there's no good heating and cooling systems. So therefore you're not really gonna be able to protect them at all. That's just so to make sure water doesn't get in them, but I see those things go out like that commonly. So we prefer to get something like the SunBrite series or something that's very outdoor rated, so that they have a full heating and cooling system, and they have protection on replacing enclosures in the back, so they can put devices and everything in there, and then we look at the space and say, Okay, where is the sun gonna be at, is it gonna be full shade is there gonna be a roof over head like this one, or is it gonna be a direct sunlight, and that is how we choose what TV experience you're gonna have. It's amazing to me when the sun hits it, how bad it can wash out the image, and that is not doable at all and then you'll end up watching it til it's maybe nighttime and if that's your only viewing experience that's okay, but we want to make sure that at any opportune time of the day, you're gonna have a great outdoor tv experience.

And with those, we offer landscape speakers as well.


Let's take a look over here at what we have... So we have some landscape speakers here, we have a couple of speakers and sub explain how we, our thought process in putting this together.

So the big thing is when we're kind of trying to surround the area, we don't want audio just coming from one particular space, so we don't wanna blast it from one area so that it's gonna be super loud right here, and then you're gonna be over by the pool or further away, it's gonna be quieter, that's where landscape speakers really come into play is because you don't often have a building to attach them to in an open area, but you might have some landscaping in the area where we can hide things, and again, the big thing is you want to enjoy the space, you don't wanna see big bulky things, so we have these landscape speakers right here that do a really good job kind of hiding beside or behind bushes and still giving great audio. And then in certain places we'll even add a sub, we have one over there, it's a little bit of a mushroom shape, it's only about this big that pops up, but in actuality, it's about this big dug underground and the sound from those things is awesome. It really makes you feel the music outside instead of just getting a little bit of acoustic audio from the normal speaker, so very much a full piece of audio.

Awesome, and you definitely wanna make sure you plan for spacing as far as that goes.

Yeah, as far as walking it, designing it, making sure that you're not gonna have these weird dead spots in different places where you might actually notice a change. Again, the big thing is when you walk into the space, you don't really wanna notice it, you just want to experience it.

And did you wanna go into a demo as far as...

Yeah absolutely, so I actually... All this is app controlled as normal. And we'll go in and we'll start.

Thank you for that demo KJ. Again guys, it's been another edition of Tech Talk with Alex and KJ. Take care.