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From door, window and motion sensors to mobile apps, we'll build the perfect alarm system for your home.


What is the best house alarm system?
On a general level – Anything Hardwired, Supported, App Controlled, and Consistent. We feel DSC has all of these things.
Can I install my own alarm system?
Absolutely! It all depends on the level of which you want to secure your home and if you want you feel comfortable with it.
What is the cheapest alarm system?
SimpliSafe and Frontpoint are the cheapest. They are DIY products.
What is the best wireless alarm system on the market?
DSC has the most reliable wireless system on the market.
How much should a house alarm cost?
It depends on the protection level and size of home – Anywhere from $500-$3000.
How much is ADT a month?
They start about $35/Month with many more plans.
Do Home alarms really work?
Absolutely. Everything from the sign’s and the stickers on the door to help stop people from even trying all the way to sleeping at night knowing if someone opens a door the alarm will go off.
What is the best home security system without a monthly fee?
One of the most important things about the alarm system is the call response when it goes off. If you don’t have that is a system that just makes a lot of noise. If its free it means you are not getting the right service to protect yourself.
Are house alarms worth it?
Always. It can help knowing even when your teenagers are coming and going all the way to feeling safe when you are sleeping at night knowing you are protected.
How much does it cost to install alarm system?
It depends on the protection level and size of home – Anywhere from $500-$3000.

Alarm Systems

Tech Talk Fridays Ep. 5


Welcome back to another edition of Tech Talk with Alex and KJ. KJ?

Yes, sir.

We're gonna be talking about security and surveillance today.

Awesome. Cool stuff.

Yes. We're grateful we get to sell a lot of that kind of stuff to...

We get protect people.

And protect people.


Let's talk a little bit about the aspect of that. That's our service that we offer people, correct?

Yep, yep. So that's really cool. It's app control for your security system. We have this really sweet app. Even before you walk in the door, you pull it up. Disarm. You don't even have to think about it anymore. You can be sitting in your car in the garage, and you can disarm your security system. Somebody can come over, you can disarm the security system. You don't even have to give them the code. You can give them temporary access. You can see the coming and going of doors opening, and all kinds of different notifications. Especially if it's wireless battery-powered stuff, then you get notifications of the batteries going low. The world of possibilities is way more open rather than just one single keypad inside your home and pressing buttons to see what's going on.

It just makes it easier for everybody.

It makes it so much easier.

And with that, we also offer door contacts, glass breaks, motion sensors, sirens, all those things.

All things that make up the core of what a security system is. You have to have multiple points of... Sensors to stop people. So your first is always your door. People trying to open up the door. The door contact there, as soon as that's breached, the alarm goes off. If for some reason that gets passed, then you have a motion sensor. So if you're in the main area of the house, it's gonna go off like that. One quick thing about the motion sensors with pets and stuff, if it's 80 pounds or less, you can actually still have a motion sensor active, which is really cool. So it's not like if you have pets, you just can't have it. And then another one, the glass breaks too, that's really cool because that's not actually by motion or seeing if a glass breaks. It's actually by acoustics. So when it hits and that glass shatters, it's a very high frequency that those glass break detectors actually pick up. So from like a 20-foot surrounding area of where that sensor is.

That's awesome. And with that, we also offer something called Openpath.


And that is one of my favorites.

It is so cool. That is door access. So that can be for gate systems, for commercial businesses. That literally is, you walk up to the little sensor by the door, and you can tap it with your phone being in proximity in your pocket, and you're able to go through. And it's incredibly secure, because your phone is... Especially iPhone, we all know that's locked down to either your face or your fingerprint. Nobody can get in there to access it. So you can do all kinds of different settings, where you can tap the phone on it and you have to unlock your phone first and... It opens up a world of possibilities, because what do we always have on us?

A phone.

A phone. Not necessarily a key card or your keys somehow, if... I'm not sure exactly how that happens. [chuckle] But you always have your phone on you. And also, if, again, people are coming to the building, you can unlock it from your app and let people in, or even give temporary access to people. So the assigning cards to people is kind of becoming almost old school at this point with this kind of system.

Awesome. And something else we offer, surveillance systems.

Surveillance systems.

Those are out of this world now.

The camera quality is finally... [chuckle] Got to a point where it's not this little like fuzzy blurb that you see like, "Well, somebody came in and did something, but I have no idea who it is and what it is. I kinda make out what they're doing." No, we're all the way 4k plus in security cameras. The biggest thing is, we try to cover entrances. So yes, we wanna cover the whole yard and anywhere that you think people might be trying to get into your home or your business. But at least making sure that any point that somebody is gonna try to get through is what we try to get. And then it can go all the way to pool areas where you're just trying to make sure that your kids are safe. Or we do a lot of lake homes where it's just, "Hey, let's get a camera out there so you feel safe knowing that the kids can play." And then you could put it up on your TV and you can sit there and sip a cup of coffee knowing that, "Hey, they're out there, they're safe, I can see them, and it's all good."

Now with that too, as... Same thing with Openpath and, you can view all that from apps now.

Oh, yeah. No, absolutely, and that's something where the apps are only getting better and better. So to review footage, or to get notifications, or see multiple cameras and zoom in, the apps right now are so awesome when it comes to that. Just easy to use. Just a quick slide back-and-forth to see previous footage. It's very awesome.

Alright, guys, this has been another edition of Tech Talk with Alex and KJ. Take care.

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